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Who We Are ?

For more than two decades ARTEXTYL company stands out in the field of both sportwear and fashion ready to wear.

Our story began in 1995 with the launch of the brand Anapurna.

Dedicated in garments such as jackets, parka, coat we managed as time goes by to seduce our customers with comfortable and quality products.

In 2005 with Geographical Norway birth this was the real growth booster of our company.

Well conceived designs with the biggest attention with very particular care about chosen materials while offering affordable prices. Success was immediate. 

We have then created several brands following the trends of the moment/period such as Amazon Couture (for women), Gangster Unit (streetwear), Athletical Denim (trendy college) 

In 2014 our company launched Canadian Peak brand with a range of garments for more and more demanding customers in terms of used material, comfort and finition. 

Today we carry on to expand our products offer and we propose more than 3000 references per season going from parkas to swim suit and from polar jacket to sweat shirt. 

We also launched luggage style, shoes, linen as to answer and satisfy our customers requests all over the world.

Our registered brands distribution are all over Europe as well as in United States of America and Central and Latin America.